Scientists: gestures facilitates understanding during a call

Active gestures allows people to communicate more effectively and productively, writes The First Post. Only the combination of words, facial expressions and gestures creates a complete picture of the communication. Each of these factors increase the expression of ideas.

In the end, the interlocutor quickly and clearly understands what is required of him, according to Marina Nespor, specialist in International school training in Treece. The important gestures during communication as well as the emphasis on certain parts of the proposals. They create a focus on the most important and simplify the understanding of information.

Scientists conducted the study. To do this, they gathered 20 of the Italians and studied their behavior during communication. Everyone knows that Italians are the most emotional when dealing people. As it turned out, the voice of a man plays a major role. The main thing is the facial expressions and body movements. They carry a vast array of information along with a verbal component.

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