Scientists gave hope to people with cancer of the pancreas

Scientists have developed a drug for the treatment of cancer of the pancreas, which increases the survival rate from this disease by half, if we consider the survival rate within two years. The product has already been approved and authorized for use. Doctors agree that pancreatic cancer is one of the most terrible and fleeting diseases. Mortality from him beyond all reasonable limits, writes The Telegraph.

The drug is called "Abraxas". Preliminary studies have shown that its administration increases the life expectancy of a patient with pancreatic cancer two months (from 6.7 to 8.5 months). Increased the chances of the patient on a one-year and two-year survival. These indicators are essential in the treatment of tumors.

Originally, the drug was developed as a tool against breast cancer. However, its efficacy against pancreatic cancer has prompted doctors to use it in this area.

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There is a chance that the British would include "Abraxas" in its programme of health. The tool was developed in America and entered the pharmaceutical markets in Europe recently. The drug gives patients the right choice. To date, no effective treatment for pancreatic cancer. Patients literally "burn" in my bed.

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