Scientists: garlic will help to keep children safe from the deadly infection

Garlic has a number of useful properties. The main is its ability to protect cells from free radicals and oxidative effects. In addition, garlic is excellent disinfects food scientists. Research group of the University of British Columbia conducted a study and proved that the extract of garlic is able to deactivate Cronobacter sakazakii. This bacterium has a high degree of pathogenicity and cause a deadly infection that is characterized by the penetration of the agent into the blood and brain, causing sepsis and meningitis, according to Xinhua.

It turns out that diallyl sulfide and again, which are part of garlic that can protect baby food from pathogenic bacteria. It should be noted that these compounds are not destroyed by heating and chemical processing, which gives the opportunity to use them at any stage of production.

Diallyl sulfide and again prevent contact of the product and pathogenic bacteria at all stages of the production of baby food. Today for disinfection chlorine and other chemicals. Scientists believe that the extract of garlic is more safe for food production. It is possible that it will become a valuable and safe alternative.

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