Scientists: gambling is often complicated personality disorders

Gambling has become a serious problem. Now the trouble is in the official list of psychiatric disorders. To 2.3% of the world population suffers from various forms of gambling. Scientists have found, the disease is often associated with personality disorders: anxiety, mood disorder, drug Addiction or alcoholism. Data provided by Psych Central.

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of studies to prove the link between gambling addiction and personality disorders. Most people with gambling addiction are antisocial traits, narcissistic, hysterical personality disorder.

It should be noted that gambling is often the outcome or mask the underlying mental illness. Games allow you to mask the symptoms a little better internal health. If you get into the psyche of playing the man deeper, you can see a serious mental illness requiring approach specialist.

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Statistics proves that gamers more likely to commit suicide, they are more difficult to find contact with loved ones, hysterical in communication.

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