Scientists from the voice of a woman depends on her success as a job candidate

Scientists from the University of Miami established that women with low and hoarse voice is much more difficult to pass the final stage of the interview. Raspy, low voice creates in the mind of the employer image, which is difficult to reconcile with feminine way, according to The Deccan Chronicle.

To confirm the data, the researchers conducted an experiment. Seven women and men offered to record his normal voice and change it in the direction of light hoarseness. Next, the volunteers had to determine for voice recording, the level of education and competence. Also, the volunteers had to determine who their candidates they would take to work.

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In 80% of cases being elected by the holders of the normal vote. If people specifically changed his voice to a hoarse, such a person was evaluated worse. Person in most cases were not ready to hire a serious post. Many volunteers said, hoarseness does not inspire confidence.

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