Scientists from the U.S. invented to treat aging heart young blood

American scientists have discovered a protein that reverses the aging process of the heart muscle. They used a number of young blood to rejuvenate the heart, which is aging. This method of treatment helps to fight cruelty and thickening of the heart that comes with age.

This conclusion scientists have come as a result of the experiment on mice, but experts are confident that the results will help to create new drugs intended for the treatment of women and men of older age. According to Professor Harvard medical school Richard Lee, he and his colleagues should make every effort to clarify if this discovery is the ability to make more effective treatment of heart failure in the elderly.

During the experiment, the scientists used mice of the two age groups, while introducing the blood of the younger generation to the older and Vice versa. After one month the status and cardiac function in aged rodents began to resemble a cardiac function of the young generation. After that, the experts for several months tried to install the young blood, which has a revitalizing effect. Finally, they succeeded: they became the hormone GDF-11. Scientists have found that the age level of the mentioned hormone drops, and its introduction together with the young blood helps to make the aging heart younger.

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Currently, experts suggest that middle-aged people to get regular injections with young blood. Meanwhile, such a proposal is too drastic, and to this end, they also consider the possibility of introducing into the human body protein GDF-11 as a medicinal product. Clinical trials are planned for the next 5 years. In addition, the researchers intend to find out, does the above-mentioned hormone anti-aging effect on other organs and tissues.

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