Scientists from the United States was able to establish the cause of down syndrome

American scientists have discovered the cause of down syndrome. They found out that this disease in the brain there is a shortage of SNX27 protein, which occurs due to the extra copy of chromosome 21, reports the BBC.

Conducting experiments on mice with down syndrome, increasing the concentration of this protein, the scientists were able to restore their memory. Based on this, the researchers concluded that artificially increasing the concentration of SNX27, you can improve the function of brain. The researchers hope that in the future this technique will allow you to treat and also people. But at the moment they are looking for molecules that increase the production of protein, and thereby make the brain function better. In addition, scientists are trying to develop the most secure way to deliver genes to the brain.

However, according to the Director of the Association of down syndrome Carol boys, the genetic basis of this disease is quite complex, and in addition, scientists have not as yet been able to develop a therapeutic method of treatment of the syndrome.

At the same time, Chinese scientists are beginning to work on a project in the field of genetic engineering. They are going to create a multimillion army of men of genius. Parents will choose to augment the intelligence cell. IQ of each future generation will grow by 5-10 points. Thus, after a few years in China will live in a generation of geniuses.

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