Scientists from the United States defined the beginning of the aging process

A group of scientists from the USA have determined that after a certain period of time, the brain ceases to produce a special substance called myelin, which is one of the components of the process of nerve cells. From that moment begins the stage of aging.

After the cessation of the production of myelin in the body begins to deteriorate the state of the motor and cognitive mechanisms. To determine the exact age of onset of aging, scientists have been selected group of people ranging in age from 23-ex up to 80 years. Test subjects performed the actions that were associated with the movement. After scientists have compared the execution speed of movement and the amount of myelin in their bodies, the pattern was identified.

The peak of activity of the person and the maximum number of myelin accounted for 39 years. From this point, the human body begins to age rapidly. After the research, U.S. scientists may argue that aging starts with man of 39 years.

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