Scientists from the strawberry liquids for electronic cigarettes it is better to refuse

Chemical compounds, giving a couple of strawberry flavor, particularly dangerous for health. This is indicated by the results of research scientists from the Cancer Institute has Roswel Park. The damage from the fluid is increased at high voltage, says Zee News.

In the experiment, the scientists filled the cells of the bronchi of exposure flavored vapor from electronic cigarettes. It should be noted that nicotine in the experimental mixtures did not contain. Used vapor with the taste of tobacco, menthol, strawberry, coffee, cocktail Pina colada. After some time, scientists have tested the viability of cell colonies, the activity of some cellular enzymes and substances responsible for inflammation.

Particularly negative effect on the cells of the bronchi affected pairs with strawberry flavor, created under the influence of high voltage. The researchers suggest, that high voltage is the main negative factor when Smoking electronic cigarettes. Excessively strong heating of the mixture leads to the formation of toxic chemicals entering the respiratory system.

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