Scientists from the Netherlands invented supergel

We all know that gelatin tends to harden in the cold to melt in the heat. But supergel, which was created by Dutch scientists from the University of Nijmegen, not very prone to this effect, and in addition, it absorbs water a hundred times better than other gels. To obtain this effect, scientists chemists had to repeat the structure of the human protein.

Professor Alan Rowan and Dr. Paul Cove with a group of like-minded people created a gel, which is based on synthetic polymer polyisocyanate. Its molecules are tightly woven together, forming a strong grid. In one cell of the human body contains thousands of similar protein structures, which are similar in appearance to the ropes. Both materials are similar both by structure and properties.

The substance is truly unique. One gram of the gel, dissolved in water, it turns out the bucket weight, according to its consistency and appearance resembling jelly. The condition of the gel varies with temperature.

The gel is applied as nanofilter, as the environment in which it will be grown cells, and also as an antiseptic for the treatment of wounds.

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