Scientists from sweet get milder

If you have a sweet tooth, then you are probably good people, and therefore the conclusions reached by scientists from the University of North Dakota. Scientists have compared the tastes of the people and their passion for sweets with their behavior, it was found that those who ate chocolate more likely to respond and help people in difficulties than those who ate crackers or not eating at all.

Psychological tests revealed that those who love chocolate more often than not are extraverts and neurotics, and in communicating more courteous.

Thus, revealed the real relationship between social behavior and love of sweets. It seems that different metaphors "from muffin get milder, and mustard upset" have a scientific basis, so sweet makes people more pleasant.

The test was conducted after the adoption of sweets or food, and not before, so the factor of activation in the people's reaction "awards" was not included, they were sweet to good deeds, not after them.

However, as noted by scholars such results can be considered only in European culture, the sweet influence on Asian and European Nations are still worth exploring.

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