Scientists from Sweden create super-glue for gluing fractures.

Swedish researchers from the Royal Institute of technology made a real breakthrough in the field of surgery. Experts have almost completed work on the creation of new tools that will help to glue bone fractures.

Scientists from Stockholm labored over their child almost 14 years. Use glue for the bones almost no different from using a regular glue: it should be applied to the fracture and dry using a halogen lamp. After the glue dries, bones heal, and the glue is absorbed in the body, because it is absolutely harmless to him.

After the glue will pass all necessary tests to treat complex fractures of the spine or skull would be possible without the use of special plates of metal. The adhesive will reduce the operation time, and accelerate the rehabilitation process. Thus, if earlier recovery after fracture of the person needed at least three years, but now the patient three days can return to normal activities.

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Know-how remains to pass a test on the content of toxic substances, after which phase will begin testing on animals. The creators of super-glue confident that he will stand all tests and testing, and operations using this glue will start to do this year.

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