Scientists from South Korea have advanced in the treatment of diabetes

Researchers from South Korea to stage further in the treatment of diabetes. They opened the RNA molecule, is able to produce insulin. The opening will allow in the future to create entirely new methods of treating the disease, say scientists.

Macromolecule RNA will allow to cope with other diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease, abnormalities in metabolism. This will require reprogramming of RNA for the production of the desired substance.

While the research is in the experimental stage. Found molecule works only in the body of the fruit fly. "In order to reach the treatment of a person molecule of micro-RNAS produced by a fruit fly, you have come a long way. Today it is possible to conduct experiments in the laboratory, alas, before this therapy for a long time," commented Korean scientists.

The understanding of the mechanisms of diabetes and other common diseases is an important step for the development of drugs. While transplantation of alien RNA in the human body of the question, however, gathering information and gaining experience will allow in the future to use the experience of modern scientists.

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