Scientists from Russia will create microscopic determinants of breast cancer

New medical technologies at the interface between physics, biology and mathematics will help in the recognition of cancer cells and timely start of cancer therapy.

The situation with breast cancer still remains quite alarming. The main problem is early diagnosis of the disease. Mammography is an excellent and affordable method, however it is able to detect cancer at an early stage only in 12% of cases. That is why the emergence of new ways to detect the disease so important.

As the basis for his development scientists from the Institute of Bioorganic chemistry and a team from PNG and France used the nanosensors, which are themselves looking for cancer cells and put them on the biological markers. Upon further inspection of the clusters of cells are visible in a different color. This method of diagnostics allows to detect even very small tumor, which may miss even a CT scanner or MRI machine.

Now scientists plan to introduce into the sensor heating element, was found killing the cells directly in the human body.

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