Scientists from Novosibirsk learned quickly diagnose SARS

Research group of the Novosibirsk center of Virology and biotechnology "Vector" have developed a new technique for rapid diagnosis of SARS. This has established a set of quick tests of special reagents. In a short time active substances help to identify 20 species of viruses. For accurate diagnosis of SARS requires only 4-6 hours.

It is worth noting that the rapid tests were developed in 2010. Scientists took three years to submit a draft to the public for laboratory and clinical trials register method in Roszdravnadzor. As proof of the efficiency test was performed with the participation of about a hundred cases of viral infection. Patients took the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis using the new method.

It's nice that the reagents for the detection of viruses Marburg, Lassa, Ebola, Machupo and Dengue developed by the Russian scientists. These viruses cause a deadly fever and lead to rapid death of the sick. Note that earlier diagnosis of these diseases would take more time due to the use of the backup methods.

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