Scientists from Karelia proposed to treat Parkinson's weightlessness

Scientists from Karelia has proposed a new method for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. As a method it is proposed to use artificial weightlessness. The patient will be placed in the special conditions without gravity, according to the doctor of medical Sciences from Petrozavodsk state University Alexander Meigal.

The essence of the method consists in the following. Parkinson's disease interferes with a person to perform natural movements, giving them a tremor. Sometimes musculoskeletal disorders - the only symptoms of the disease. Gravity allows for a short period of time to reduce the muscle tone of the patient and return him to the state beyond the disease.

What to do with speech disorders, memory and degenerative processes of the nervous system is still unclear. It is worth noting, even getting rid of musculoskeletal disorders will greatly improve the quality of life of patients.

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At present all the subtleties scientists were not disclosed. The first phase of the study will begin in late 2014 on the basis of the institutions of Petrozavodsk. As volunteers will perform 30 patients with Parkinson's disease.

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