The Japanese experimenters were able to partially restore sight to the 70-year-old blind woman. On the progress and results of the conducted operations, the scientists said during a meeting of the Association for the study vision and ophthalmology, annual in Seattle.

To date, at least 20 million people suffer blindness as a result of trauma or tissue degeneration of the organ of vision. Japanese scientists were able to partially restore sight to a blind woman and stem cells and a special technique of restoration of a retina.

Retinal cells were created from skin cells returned to an embryonic state. In fact, programmed a stem cell can develop even in the cell of the retina, at least in muscle or kidney tissue. The main thing is to prijaviti artificial fabric. And Japanese scientists have managed to do it.

The result is a 70-year-old woman regained partial vision. Note that the experiment was conducted in 2014, then how about the successful results, the scientists said only the day before. Until the last moment there were fears that the stem cells will not survive. However, this did not happen.

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