Scientists from Japan have slowed down the process of liver cirrhosis in hepatitis C

Cirrhosis is a process associated with the violation of the integrity of tissue and replacement of liver cells by connective tissue. In the oppressed main functions of the liver, which negatively affects the entire body.

Scientists from Japan have found a new way to slow down the process of cirrhosis in hepatitis C Research group of the Japanese Institute of natural Sciences in the laboratory has developed an innovative method of treatment of hepatitis C with the use of new technologies.

Scientists have discovered a protein NS3. This connection is one of the markers of progression to cirrhosis as a result of introduction of the virus. To date, conducted a series of experiments. The main goal of scientists is to influence the process and slow it down. It is believed that it is necessary to influence it on protein.

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Success in the tests will give scientists the chance of a quick recovery of such dangerous diseases as cirrhosis of the liver.

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