Scientists from Hungary joined the surgical instrument and complex analyzer

Hungarian scientists plan to develop a device able to distinguish tumor formation from healthy tissue in the shortest possible time. Analysis can be performed directly during the operation. The device will increase the accuracy of tumor removal.

Development began chemist Zoltan Takats in 2002. Just a week ago, access to benefits received by Waters Corporation. The technology - rapid evaporative ionization and mass spectrometry. Embedding it in a conventional scalpel, the surgeon may remove the cancers with the highest precision by obtaining information about the type of tissue in real time, writes Reuters.

Mass spectrometry is a technology that allows you to determine the type of tissue by chemical composition. Evaporative ionization needed for accurate cuts. For analysis of cells used smoke obtained by vaporization of tissue. The unit provides a first result is less than a second. Now doctors need at least an hour to give the verdict: the healthy tissue in front of them or a cluster of cancer cells.

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