Scientists from Britain made a drug that reduces the harmful effects of alcohol

Alcohol is the most common narcotic substance on the planet. No alcoholic beverages no cost, not a single event, withdrawal (hangover) knows most adults. Alcohol impairs the liver, kidneys, blood vessels and brain.

Scientists from the UK (University of Huddersfield) 10 years has studied the influence of alcohol. On the basis of the collected information was developed drug that reduces the damaging properties of alcohol on the brain. Medicine called ethane-beta sultam. When it is received and excessive alcohol consumption decreases the intensity of dying neurons.

The drug, scientists believe, will be useful to people with diseases of the brain, wanting to drink in celebration. The positive effect should be observed in Alzheimer's disease and inflammation of the substance of the brain.

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Today, successful tests on laboratory mice. Now scientists are preparing a series of more global studies.

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