Scientists from America transformed bacteria in a storage device

Experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA) during the experiment were recorded in the genome of Escherichia coli information and turned the bacterium in the analog storage device.

Transformed bacteria remembers the strength and duration of impact from outside, writes the journal Science. It is noteworthy that the first tests in this area were successful, however, scientists have not received the desired effect. The performance problem was solved by using the analog system memory.

Scientists have made "genomic tape, modifying the DNA of bacteria and inserts the necessary piece of information into the host cell genome. For activation was introduced recombinase, the enzyme that enables it to hold a lot of manipulation of the sequence of genes.

The recorded information can be deleted from memory bacteria. The data retention period in Escherichia coli, scientists say, may be calculated for days and weeks. The experience gained can be used in the assessment of ecological status in disadvantaged areas.

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