Scientists from America has developed a vaccine against Ebola 10 years ago

Now the whole world is busy with the development of a vaccine against Ebola virus. Eve climbed information on developments in 2005, when specialists from America began to engage the projection of a drug against this fever.

In 2005 one of the magazines published an article about the American experience in the treatment and prevention of Ebola. By the time the drug had to be tested in primates, the efficiency was almost absolute. By 2011, the scientists had planned to get a ready-made formula to distribute it around the world.

However, the loss of the project forced him to close. Scientist had taken millions of dollars for clinical trials, a sufficient number of infected people was not, and on the first batch was necessary several billion dollars.

The project in 2005 was covered for losses and unprofitability. Now the number of deaths from Ebola exceeded 5 thousand, and the number of cases over 10 thousand. Vaccine development are leading scientists all over the world.

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