Scientists: from 16 to 22 December are expected magnetic storms

Magnetic storms are the norm. However, in some cases, people may receive sudden fatigue, headache. During magnetic storms exacerbated chronic disease, increased mortality, which has been proved statistically. Scientists predicted the change in the magnetic field of the Earth from 16 to 22 December.

75% of people during the week can be influenced by the Sun. People that are sensitive to changes in the weather, usually marked headaches, heart rhythm disturbances, increased stress levels.

Great danger phenomenon is not responsible. For the life of man is faced with magnetic storms up to two thousand times. In 2003, scientists have recorded the strongest solar flare that has affected the health of many residents of our planet.

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Doctors advise weather-sensitive people with care to engage in physical work, more rest, drink fluids. As a dietary Supplement suitable vitamin complexes or fresh fruits and vegetables.

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