Scientists: four servings of coffee a day reduce the risk of diabetes by 25%

Experts from Switzerland established: four cups of coffee a day ways to influence the development of diabetes of the second type. Data were installed in the study and analysis of the data collected.

Coffee is a drink that many appreciate it for its refreshing properties and aroma. If the caffeine in large quantities is bad (and four servings of coffee a day is really a great dose), and other aromatic compounds activate the metabolism in the body and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, researchers are advised to drink coffee without caffeine.

The optimal time drinking between 12 and 14 hours. By noon, the body requires a small charge, and coffee is one of the best ways of dealing with a dining fatigue.

However, you should not rely on coffee as the main method of prevention of diabetes. The risk reduction of 25% is good, but a way of life, absence of bad habits and proper diet will provide the body a great service.

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