Scientists found the virus of stupidity

Scientists from America, the study found a virus that violate the thinking process of the people. Previously it was thought that the pathogen infects exclusively plants.

Experts from the University of Nebraska and John Hopkins University studied the virus ATCV-1 and determined its effect on the human body. The virus, by its nature, is Algotherm and usually infects algae. In some cases, scientists believe that the virus can be transmitted to animals, sometimes to get into the human body.

According to a study, ATCV-1 was found in 40% of the volunteers on the oral mucosa. In the entire history of the scientists recorded only one case of passage of the virus in the brain. Note, the study was posthumous, and to reason about the source contact

ATCV-1 in the nervous system is not possible.

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Tests showed the presence in the body of the virus ATCV-1 reduces its cognitive abilities by 10%. People are carriers of a little worse coped with the tasks and could not concentrate on the work as long and as healthy individuals.

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