Scientists found the place stimulating hormone of happiness

Recently, scientists decided to find out in which of all the possible places you feel most happy. In the UK, interviewed more than 2 750 thousand people. Most often the respondents replied as follows: the coast, the city Park and countryside.

For the above designated voted nearly 80 percent of respondents that made them the undisputed leaders in this study. Scientists later was also analyzed contained in the average blood level of hormones produced by the people in favorable places for them. In the end, is the undisputed leader was the beach, there are positive hormones responsible for our health and mood, are produced, as they say "the machine". This research is founded by experts from the European centre human health and the environment, will be presented at the conference of the British psychological society Held annually.

The study was attended by representatives of the six age groups, and according to scientists the coast came out the winner within each of the groups. The sounds of the surf, and rolling waves in humans traditionally associated with the following emotions: the peace and quiet, and the sea air is also very beneficial for the respiratory system, thereby calms the nerves and causes even drowsiness. However, completely unknown, what is the reason that seashore in humans causes such positive emotions, according to the researchers: "It is likely inherent in a person at a genetic level, but to explain this phenomenon to us, there is no possibility".

"Our taste receptors are configured on the perception of extremely fatty foods more delicious that during the ancient times people were given the opportunity to give preference to the most nutritious food. This helped him to survive. In times of stress we feel cold hands, because the blood rushes to the feet. This effect our ancestors helped to run away from wild animals. In humans there are plenty of hidden evolutionary mechanisms that were formed at the dawn of human development, and the joy of staying on the beach is one of them. For whatever reason - to explain very difficult" say the researchers.

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