Features of the structure of the brain of schizophrenics can tell scientists about the causes of hallucinations. According to the theory of scientists from the University of Cambridge, with visions associated groove located in the frontal lobes of the brain. About it writes Science World Report.

The researchers analyzed data from brain MRI of 153 patients with schizophrenia and compared them with information about the structure of the brain in healthy volunteers. It turned out that a shortened version paracingulate furrows about 20% increased the likelihood of having a particular person hallucinations.

Interestingly, during the visual and auditory hallucinations are activated completely different areas of the brain, distinct from furrows. Scientists suggest that schizophrenia is a disease of the whole brain and not its separate parts. However, it requires a detailed study of all the structures of the nervous system, to accurately answer the question: how schizophrenia occurs and how it can be cured.

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