Scientists found that women drink too much for 5 years faster than men

Women who suffer from alcoholism, reach the level of requiring skilled care on statistics for 5 years faster than men. Data provided by scientists from the U.S., writes Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.

Men have alcohol dependence often confirmed by the studies. On women alcohol is more harmful, quickly destroying the body. The rate of addiction is extremely rapid. Affect the liver, heart, blood vessels - the entire body is suffering from this poison.

For this research were taken 274 men and 257 women suffering from alcoholism varying degrees, treatment in a specialized clinic. The subjects answered questions and passed tests that can assess the degree of development of dependence and level of intelligence. Considered as the social status of the subjects, age, presence of harmful habits and other important factors. The results of the study are as follows: average number of years spent with alcohol from "play around" before coming to the clinic for men 15 years, and women - 10.

One of the main reasons, according to scientists, is more initiative women ready to contact the clinic for further treatment. The average age at which patients begin to experience the first problem with alcohol was the same: 18-19.

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