Scientists found a way to overcome laziness

Most people think that for the active lifestyle they lack determination. But scientists from McMaster University found that the case here in key genes.

Scientists have conducted experiments on mice have removed the two genes responsible for physical activity. Genes are the control of protein AMP-activated protein kinase, which is activated only during training.

"Mice love to run," says Gregory Steinberg, associate Professor of medicine in the Department of studies of obesity and metabolic substances. - "While the mouse is not seized genes can make a run for miles, rodents with deleted genes were able to run only along the corridor in the opposite direction. In mice was the same as their brothers or sisters, but we have been known which have the desired genes, and what they are missing".

Mitochondria without AMPK gene worked much worse, breaking in period of physical activity the ability of the muscles to absorb glucose.

Exercise stimulate the growth of mitochondria, and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle - it slows down. Scientists had discovered a nodal regulator of the enzyme AMRS mitochondria.

The obtained research results are of great importance for people suffering from obesity, asthma, and persons with disabilities. The stillness of the people in the above categories may cause the development of diabetes and heart disease.

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