Scientists found a method of treatment of liver cancer

American scientists have proposed an effective way of combating cancer of the liver. At the request of the staff Deleverage University, published in The Hindustan Times, they managed to combine two therapeutic method for effective treatment of the disease.

It is known that liver cancer is a serious disease, poorly amenable to treatment. According to statistics, the number of people suffering from them of people who die within 5 years after diagnosis, more than 82%.

In the experiment, researchers have grown a culture of cancer cells, which is then subjected to extraction of the enzyme hexokinase-2, responsible for glucose uptake. However, the result of such exposure was minimal.

In the second phase, the scientists used a treatment of tumor cells with Metformin – a drug, which is aimed at reducing the level of sugar in diabetic patients. The combination of the two methods allowed us to achieve significant progress, as reflected in the slowing of tumor growth and death of the most part, cancer cells.

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