Scientists found a link between depression in women and high risk of stroke

Large-scale research experts from the University of Queensland found that depression in women is fraught with dangerous consequences, and treatment should be taken seriously. University scientists observed the state of health of more than 10,000 women for 12 years. All women were between the ages of 47 to 52 years. From all the study participants 24 percent suffered from depression and was treated with antidepressants. Over 10 years of research we identified 177 cases you have a stroke. As it turned out, in the depression status of women is almost 2.5 times more prone to stroke than women who have similar neuropsychiatric disorders were recorded.

After the researchers ruled out other factors of stroke, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, bad habits, the risk for women suffering from depression, was still high: he was above 1.9 times.

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Scientists are not yet established a mechanism interconnectedness between depression and stroke, but they suggest that this relationship is destructive influence of inflammatory processes on the state of the vessels. The researchers recommend that physicians develop a specific approach to the treatment of depression it is for women, because in the future they may have quite serious consequences.

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