Scientists found a gene that erases memories of the past

Shot a film about change and erase the memory. People have long wanted to find a way to forget the unpleasant information. Only recently researchers genetics approached the understanding of these processes that will help in the development of tools, erasing memories.

Scientists claim to found a new treatment for post-traumatic stress disorders at the genetic level. It's all in Tet1 gene, whose role was investigated in several experiments on laboratory mice. This gene, writes Health Day, is responsible for the functioning of other genes, which are responsible for rapid elimination of memories from the past.

Thus, increasing the activity of this group of genes can affect the process of erasing memories speeding it up. Movement in this area will help people with getting rid of the unpleasant memories that I want to forget as soon as possible.

The authorship of the research belongs to the scientists from the Massachusetts theological Institute memory. They believe that the activation of Tet1 will affect the group of genes that will speed up the process of forgetting of negative emotions.

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The study on mice, researchers found that if removed from their genome a gene Tet1, they cease to fear certain stimuli, as they place up other memories of this factor. To date, the scientific community is looking for ways to improve the activity and concentration of Tet1 gene.

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