Scientists found a gene prolong youthfulness

The study of genes is a promising area. Only recently, scientists have begun to study the influence of specific genes on different mechanisms and reactions that occur in the human body. On the eve of scientists from the USA have discovered a gene that is in an active state capable of simulating tissue for rapid regeneration. It should be noted that the rate of regeneration is the same fast, as in youth. The data were published in the scientific journal Cell.

Scientists have advanced the theory that the regeneration effect a certain connection. It is the protein responsible for these processes, which is encoded by gene called Lin28a. This protein has a maximum activity during embryonic development of the fetus and young adult, then as with age his activity and regenerative capacity fall.

Conducted an experiment on laboratory rats showed that activation of this gene had a stimulating effect on the processes of reproduction and migration of cells. This fact had a positive impact on the regeneration of connective, bone and cartilage tissue.

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Scientists believe that the experience gained can be applied in the future in the treatment of injuries and fractures. The impact on the gene level will help speed up the process of getting rid of the disease.

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