Scientists forced the bacteria to dance

Researchers from the Netherlands and South Korea have joined forces to conduct an interesting experiment and cause bacteria to dance.

In the basis of the "dance" of bacteria is their ability to magnetotaxis. Bacteria are capable of organized move when the impact strength of the magnetic field. In the structure of some microorganisms contain molecules of iron that acts as a compass.

Habitat bacteria usually contains a small amount of oxygen, that is why magnetotaxis so important for unicellular. It helps the bacteria to reach the environment with a high content of oxygen.

Scientists have created a special transparent chip with thin channels filled with liquid. These channels were filled with bacteria. Using magnets scientists forced the bacteria to move in one direction. Changing the direction of the magnetic field, bacteria are used to commit acts resembling a dance. The technique helps in combating infections and may be an alternative to antibiotic therapy.

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Scientists withdrew their experiences on video and put music fun. What came of it?

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