The flu virus will become a serious threat in Russia not earlier than December, according to scientists from research University. And while continuing routine vaccination of citizens. Today released 30 million doses of vaccines against influenza.

The maximum activity of the virus will gain by January.

The warnings of physicians are of a preventive nature. In public transport it is better to use medical masks, changing them every two hours. The best way to protect yourself from influenza is to undergo routine vaccination.

On the vaccine market, there are a number of drugs: "Ultrix", "Savegrp", "Grippol". There are imported vaccine "Vaxigrip", "Fluarix" and "Inflexal", in Europe they are the most popular.

The flu is especially dangerous for young children and the elderly, complications of the disease can lead to tragic consequences. There is a separate vaccine developed specifically for children and mothers, fearing that with the child something happens with the introduction of "adult" vaccine.

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