Scientists first managed to create an embryo with human cells and pig

An international team of geneticists for the first time created a full-fledged embryos, in which cells of the pig are combined with cells of Levoca. Experts say that this discovery can afford to grow human organs in the bodies of animals. A study published in the journal Cell.

"Work on this problem took four years. We clearly underestimated just how much effort will be needed to implement this task. This is the first important step toward growing human organs in a pig's body. Now we need to figure out how to make human cells turn into the right bodies to implement our real goal is to learn how to grow transplanted organs," said Juan Belmonte (Belmonte, Juan) from the Salk Institute in La JOLLA (quoted by RIA news).

15 years ago the biologists were discussing the possibility of transplanting animal organs into the human body. At that time this idea seemed simple and had only to make the animal's immune system to reject foreign organs. Now scientists say the successful cultivation of human organs in the bodies of animals.

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