Scientists: favorite music helps us learn

Everyone knows the feeling when music gives you goose bumps and eyes widen. The outward signs of pleasure by the body. Scientists have proven that listening to your favorite songs helps you to remember more information.

Researchers from the University of Vienna and University of Innsbruck, conducted an experiment involving 60 volunteers. Half were asked to assess 80 pieces of music and describe emotions derived from music. The second part of volunteers has also been busy listening to music, the scientists monitored the eye movements in this group. About it reports The Daily Mail.

It turned out that the stronger a particular song was liked by the person, the more he expanded pupils. Similar processes occur when the sympathy and intimacy of two people. In addition, some students from among the volunteers admitted, favorite songs help them remember more information faster and to understand a particular topic. Note, scientists do not recommend to simultaneously study and listen to music. This reduces the amount of working memory, they say.

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