Scientists explained the reasons for forgetfulness and emotional women during pregnancy

Most women complain that during pregnancy, they often changed the mood, develops forgetfulness. Scientists conducted a study and found that these changes laid the physiological sense. Brain scans showed during pregnancy increased activity in parts of the brain responsible for emotional skills, writes The Daily Mail.

The reason for forgetfulness lies in the hormones that increase intuition of the mother and the relationship with the fetus. The information was installed on brain research 19 pregnant women and 20 mothers from 12-week-old babies. The volunteers looked at the images of the faces of the children and adults. Emotions in the pictures were very different. It turned out that pregnant women are more often used in their mental processes right lobe of the brain. It is connected with the emotional sphere of the person.

Scientists say, more active use of the right lobe of the brain has occurred when viewing the images with positive emotions. It is likely that these changes will adapt future mother to preserve fruit and careful in his bearing.

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