Scientists explain love coffee a genetic predisposition

Many people often prefer to consume coffee, and other tastes of the drink is absolutely not like that. This question is investigated genetics at northwestern University in Chicago. They explained that people consume coffee in large volumes as a result of specific mutations.

Humans and other mammals by eating pungent foods believe that they contain dangerous toxins, so refrain from them. For this reason, regular consumption of bitter coffee is considered to be biologically unnatural. The study involved volunteers, to whom was carried out the genome analysis.

The results confirmed that coffee is preferred by people, the genome of which was a special variation of the genome. They have been associated with increased sensitivity to caffeine. While the volunteers had a weak response to quinine and other bitter substances.

Feature of coffee lovers also was the fact that they are not a tea drinker and had consumed alcohol less than others. Meanwhile, the scientists found that volunteers with high sensitivity to quinine and the bitter substances are preferred coffee, but drank tea and alcohol.

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