Scientists: exercise improves memory

Specialists have found that physical exercises do not only strengthen muscles, but also improve memory. Volunteers were asked to go through a series of tests. At first people were to view 90 photos that cause different emotions (negative, neutral and positive). Next, the volunteers were divided into two groups. First conducted a series of exercises on the simulator, the second group did nothing and was the control.

Two days people again showed pictures: 90 old and the new 90. The first group engaged in the sport, remembered 60% old photos, in the control group the figure was about 50%, writes Science World Report.

Note that all the studies were conducted without the use of modern methods of scanning of brain activity. Therefore, it is difficult to judge due to specific areas of the cortex with the physical activity of the person. It is quite possible that physical exercise increases blood flow to the nervous system, which positively affects memory.

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The obtained results coincide with the later scientific works dedicated to this problem.

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