Scientists: errors play a key role in the learning process

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University established: the fastest people learn from mistakes. Our mistake is the key to accelerated learning new, says Medical News Today.

The human brain is constantly compares the final result and expectations. The experience is used in solving future problems. When you make a mistake, say scientists, the assimilation of new information occurs on an unconscious level.

Experts conducted an experiment. Volunteers invited to join on the screen two points: blue and red. Blue dot moved along a complex scenario and study participants with the joystick had to reach the ultimate goal of connecting the two points.

Managed to establish some regularity. Small errors allowed faster to achieve than global and major blunders - the second took more time.

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Scientists compare the process of learning from mistakes with a game of tennis, when a coach intentionally builds student skills based on their mistakes. In everyday life the role of the trainer performs the human brain. Errors are deposited in our mind and nervous system is doing everything possible to ensure they never happen again.

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