Scientists: emotional people are easy to deceive on Dating sites

Internet scams are the easiest to deceive emotional people. This is indicated by the results of the work of scientists from the University of South Wales. Most often, deception on the network you may encounter on Dating sites. There are scammers create fake pages, rubbed into the confidence of the people, then talk about their personal problems. Further one goal – to get money to solve these problems.

Researchers interviewed 90 victims of online fraud and amounted to an approximate psychological portrait of the victim. Most of those caught in the trap of people were new to the Internet and Dating sites. The number given to the theft of money ranged from 50 to 63 000 pounds.

The victims were mostly people disciplined and punctual. Scientists have noticed only one characteristic trait of all – excessive emotionality. This feature provides quick attachment to new friends, and plays into the hands of fraudsters, writes The Hindustan Times.

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