Scientists: electronic cigarette will save thousands of lives

Experts from University College London have tried to refute the opinion of the world health organization concerning the harms from electronic cigarettes. Recall that the electronic cigarette is not the first years trying to ban Smoking in public places or to remove cigarettes from the market altogether.

British researchers conducted the data analysis and proved that the harms from electronic cigarettes is much less than that of traditional tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes are a good alternative for people who are not ready at one point to stop Smoking cigarettes tobacco.

Installed, the harm to others from electronic cigarettes minimized. Experts believe that the smoke from glycerol and supplements are completely safe. Electronic cigarette does not emit into the atmosphere carcinogenic substances and contains less nicotine in the smoke.

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Who previously spoke about the ban on Smoking electronic cigarettes in public places. According to the organization's employees, effects of electronic cigarettes poorly understood.

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