Scientists: electronic cigarette ineffective in the fight against Smoking

Electronic cigarettes have been actively promoted by companies as a means to combat Smoking. However, according to the latest data, the electronic cigarette is just another original accessory for the smoker who does not allow you to overcome the habit, says JAMA Network.

It is worth noting that e-cigarettes do not reduce the amount of nicotine. It is likely that this is due to the ability to smoke anytime and under any conditions.

It is so sad conclusion reached by scientists after analyzing data collected from 949 smokers. Among the volunteers were people with varying degrees of dependency. Draws attention to the fact that uneducated people often think of electronic cigarettes a safe alternative to tobacco products. But we must not forget: inside the e-cigarette has a heating coil and a bottle of nicotine solution. After a long area in the spiral is formed caustic and black scum. In addition, nicotine intake while Smoking an electronic cigarette may exceed the dose with traditional cigarettes.

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Now scientists are preparing to launch a more global study to confirm or refute the information received.

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