Scientists: early rise is the cause of heart disease

Currently, it is widely believed that biological rhythms larks affect the human body with more positive side, the rhythms of owls. Some scientists even call to rebuild from owls in larks. As it turned out, things are not so simple. Research experts from Japan proves that the early rise is a cause of increased risk of heart disease.

Data were established after analysis of the life histories of more than four thousand people at the age from 23 to 90 years. Scientists have found a relationship between the constant lack of sleep and various heart diseases. The thing is that lack of sleep leads to increased load on the heart muscle.

In addition, researchers are advised to sleep during the day. a 30-minute Siesta allows you to rejuvenate and reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol in the blood. Daytime sleep, experts say, reduces the risk of sudden death from heart disease by 37%. In General, it is necessary to adhere to a management regime to protect themselves from various diseases.

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