Scientists: during work is a really good easy exercises

When a person sits on a chair and moving her legs, it is very good! At the moment it is possible to reduce negative emotions. It is reported BHG. Recently conducted a study in which a group of people were asked to sit on a chair for a couple of hours. The condition was this - one foot must touch the floor all the time, and the second needs to twitch every 1-2 minutes. Two hours later, the researchers assessed the blood circulation in each leg.

It turned out that the first leg had a lower blood flow, and the second had elevated blood flow. Therefore, researchers recommend that during sedentary work a bit to stretch my legs.

Because of this it is possible to reduce the risk of thrombosis and high blood pressure. Also conducted another experiment. Office staff, that during the working process used chairs-bicycles burned 25% more calories. Therefore, people are advised to stretch their legs. Especially those who are forced to sit through long flights. Need to do light exercises, if you want to be healthy.

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