Scientists: don't call obesity a disease when people are overweight

Medical Association of America are of the opinion that obesity is a real illness that requires treatment. Before scientists have wondered whether or not to snap at people with excess weight shortcuts, if such diagnosis only slows down the process of losing weight.

Scientists have proven that if people perceive obesity as a disease, he begins to feel his inferiority and hopelessness. A large percentage stops to fight the disease goes on fatty foods.

In the present experiment was attended by 700 people, which were divided into three groups. Volunteers were asked to read three different scientific articles: the first group received information about obesity, described in the context of disease, the second is a neutral article about the extra weight, the third note, denying the Association of obesity and the disease itself.

In the first stage, the volunteers had to choose your meal from the offered courses. Interestingly, the most high-calorie foods chose the first group. Scientists total: unable to create installation "obesity is a disease". There are many ways of dealing with it, most importantly, the right approach and the desire to lose weight.

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