Scientists do not advise pregnant women to use cosmetics

In the composition of cosmetic products may contain phthalates. These chemicals are often found in nail Polish, means for laying, lipstick. Scientists have found: phthalates reduce the intelligence of the unborn child. Therefore, from cosmetics during pregnancy it is better to refuse, writes Science World Report.

Scientists from Columbia University have found phthalates not only in cosmetics but also in plastic products. The influence of substances, the researchers conducted on 328 pairs of mother-child. It is worth noting that all families have low incomes. Scientists conducted an analysis of phthalates in the urine of women. Urine was collected in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Was able to establish that at a high level this connection there is a decrease in a child's intellect. Changes are already noticeable to seven years: the IQ level less than the normal six points.

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At high concentrations of phthalates DnBP and DIBP IQ falls by an average of 6.6-7.6 points. These figures may result in poor school performance and problems with learning.

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