Scientists discovered the secret of seasonal depression

One type of affective disorder - seasonal depression, when the person feels in the whole year, except for certain seasonal period. Usually such depression occurs in autumn or winter, develop typical symptoms (apathy, causeless melancholy). According to the results of recent research, every sixth inhabitant of a big city is experiencing these symptoms from time to time, writes Science World Report.

Researchers conducted brain scans of 11 patients with SAR (seasonal affective disorder, seasonal depression) and 23 volunteers of the control group. It was found that the main role in the formation of the depression takes over the level of the transmitter serotonin. In winter, the amount of that protein in the body is reduced by 5%. Scientists believe that this is the cause of the development of seasonal affective disorder.

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Serotonin be a constant vector in the form of a special protein SERT. If the SERT activity increases the activity and number of happy hormones in the body falls. Sometimes this phenomenon is usually in autumn or winter. As prevention scientists advised to eat more fruits and spend more time outdoors.

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