Scientists: dirty carpets is one of the main sources of infections in the apartment

Dirty carpets, scientists believe, are a great danger for the residents of the apartments. This carpet can contain a number of causative agents of serious diseases, writes The Daily Mail.

Experts from Britain collected swabs from the soles of the volunteers who have agreed to the experiment. On the shoes of people scientists have found a large number of bacterial pathogens of pneumonia and intestinal infections.

We bring into the house of pollen, mites, bacteria and viruses. According to statistics, 40% of Britons do not remove street shoes at home. A third of volunteers, scientists found on the floor with vomit stains and feces of domestic animals, 24% tolerated such a disorder.

A quarter of the volunteers had sex on the floor and the vast majority (91%) let children play on the carpet.

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Scientists are talking about an old problem - hygiene. Everyone knows, after using the toilet should wash their hands. However, not all follow this simple rule. Half of Britons do not change bed linen and kitchen towels each week. But a simple sponge for washing dishes, carpet or towel - a potential source of dangerous infections.

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